About The Author, Andy Reinold

Yes, my name is Andy and no, I'm not a guy :)

My husband and our amazing life together has been and will continue to be my inspiration for all of my stories and books that I write and ultimately publish. We live a fulfilling life full of adventure and new experiences which typically play a large part in each and every story that is told! Most of the stories I write include an element of reality that I have personally experienced as well as some of my fantasies!

I have not been writing erotic stories for very long, but I find that as I write each one, it allows for me to relive the experiences my husband and I have been able to have together! One reason I got into writing was in reading other stories (both my husband and I), we noticed there was a lack of details that we seemed to enjoy. This is something I try and focus on in all of my stories!

Sometimes I will write my stories from my perspective, while other times I will write based on my discussions and feelings of my husband.

Interacting and getting feedback from my readers is important to me so feel free to email me at andy@andyreinold.com anytime! I look forward to hearing your honest and open feedback!