Most people don't realize, writing is not very lucrative, unless you are fortunate to enough to be the author of the Twilight Series, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter or other similar hits!

I would appreciate any and all support you can provide to ensure I continue this amazing journey as an aspiring author!

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Help Support Andy Reinold To Continue Writing Wonderful Stories!!!

I'm working on setting up a way that I can create customized (personalized) 5000 word stories for you all in which you would be the characters of a new story I would write.  You would provide me with the following details:

*  Names you would like used-

*  Story Idea (swingers, cuckold, cheating, etc.)

*  Photo you would like used for the cover (you must own the photo)

*  Title you would like me to use

If you are interested, email me at and we can discuss further!!!